Arthroscopic Latarjet

What is it and how does it work?

The treatment of anterior instability continues to evolve.

Often a soft tissue repair is not effective especially when there is bone loss from the front of the glenoid, and in these cases a bone-block stabilization procedure known as the Latarjet procedure is required.

The Latarjet procedure involves transfer of the coracoid with the attached conjoint tendon to the deficient area over the front of the glenoid. This replaces the missing bone and the transferred muscle acts as an additional muscular strut preventing further dislocations.

The procedure has a high success rate but up to now was performed only through open surgery.

What are the benefits of the arthroscopic procedure?

An all-arthroscopic technique combines the advantages of the open procedure whilst using a minimally invasive technique. Any other associated intra-articular pathology can be treated during the same arthroscopic procedure.

The risk of adhesions and shoulder stiffness is less with the arthroscopic technique and postoperatively there is less pain, earlier mobility, quicker rehabilitation and faster return to sports. An arthroscopic technique offers also an improved cosmetic result.